浣滀负璐熻矗浠荤殑涓婂競鍏徃锛屽洓宸濈編涓版彁渚涢珮璐ㄩ噺鐨勪骇鍝佸拰浼樿川鐨勬湇鍔★紝骞?span style="font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold">闀挎湡鑷村姏浜庤拷姹傚畨鍏ㄣ€佺幆澧冦€佸仴搴蜂笌缁忔祹鐨勫崗璋冨彂灞?/span>锛屽彂灞曞惊鐜粡娴庯紝寮€灞曟竻娲佺敓浜э紝纭繚瀹夊叏鐜繚锛屽叕鍙告垚涓哄浗鍐呯涓€鎵光€滃疄鐜版薄姘撮浂鎺掓斁浼佷笟鈥濓紝琚瘎涓衡€滄竻娲佺敓浜хず鑼冧紒涓氣€濓紝鍒楀叆鍥涘窛鐪佸惊鐜粡娴庣涓€鎵硅瘯鐐瑰崟浣嶃€?/p>

鍥涘窛缇庝赴浠モ€滀骇涓氭姤鍥姐€佹湇鍔$ぞ浼氥€侀€犵浜烘皯鈥濅负宸变更锛?span style="font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold">甯告€€涓€棰楁劅鎭╃殑蹇冨洖鎶ョぞ浼?/span>銆?004骞达紝鍏徃鏂ヨ祫420涓囧厓璁剧珛鍥涘窛缇庝赴鏁欒偛鍩洪噾锛屾瘡骞磋祫鍔╁啘鏉戣传鍥板瀛愩€?004骞达紞2007骞达紝鍏徃鍦ㄥ洓宸濄€佺敇鑲冦€佽吹宸炴姇鍏?00澶氫竾鍏冭祫鍔╀簲鎵€璐洶鍦板尯灏忓銆傚湪寰烽槼銆侀亗瀹併€佺坏闃冲缓浜洪€犳灄锛岀豢鍖栧北宸濓紝缇庡寲鐜銆傛尋鍑虹粡娴庯紝璧炲姪鍥藉浣撹偛璧涗簨銆傗€?.12鈥濇倍宸濆ぇ鍦伴渿锛屽洓宸濈編涓板績绯诲彈闅惧悓鑳烇紝鎹愭鎹愮墿400澶氫竾鍏冿紝鏀寔鐏惧尯閲嶅缓銆傚洓宸濈編涓板痉鏀垮杽涓撅紝鑾风ぞ浼氬悇鐣岄珮搴﹁瘎浠峰拰骞挎硾璧炶獕銆?/p>

As a listed company with high responsibility , Si Chuan Mei Feng supplies high quality products and excellent service and sticks to pursuing concerted development of safety , environment , health and economy . The company develops the recycling economy , begins with clean production , and assures the safety and environment . Besides , the company becomes one of the first batch of 鈥渘one-dirty water releasing enterprise鈥? and is awarded 鈥渢he example manufacturer for clean producing鈥? The company has also been selected to be one of the first batch of trying company for recycling economy .

Si Chuan Mei Feng always takes responsibility for 鈥?to contribute the nation by property , to serve society and to make people happy 鈥?and repays the society by a grateful heart . The company invested 4.2 million Yuan RMB to establish Si Chuan Mei Feng education fund in 2004 and support the poor students in countryside . The company invested more than 1 million Yuan RMB to set up five schools in the poor districts from 2004 to 2007 . Si Chuan Mei Feng plants trees , makes the mountains and land green and beautifies the environment in area of De Yang , Shui Ning and Mian Yang.The company squeezes out the fund to support national physical game.Furthermore , In The 鈥?.12鈥?heavy earthquake in Wen Chuan , Si Chuan Mei Feng put its heart with the fellows who suffered and donated the money and stuff which are worth more than 4 million RMB to support reconstruction in the disaster areas . Because of all these fantastic deeds , the company enjoys high evaluation and wide praise .

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